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Bailey Killian
Website Consultant

Bailey Killian has been a business consultant for 10 years. He specializes in systems and processes to leverage technology needs for smoother business operations. His favorite things are making new business plans and building websites.  

Jeanette Killian
Content Creator

Jeanette Killian has been a business consultant for 8 years. She is an expert in design and special events. Her favorite thing is seeing a business take shape as all the pieces come together.  

Adam Kędzior
Web Developer

Adam has been working as a coder with our team for 2 years. He has solved some of the biggest challenges brought to our team with some clever code. 

Sarah Sepulveda
System Engineer

Sarah is an Engineer that designs systems and processes. She can streamline and improve any cogs for optimal performance. 

Preferred Partners

Arturo Leal Productions
Media Production Partner

Arturo Leal Productions is our preferred partner for photography, videography, podcasting, and graphic design. A portfolio of his work can be viewed at www.arturoleal.com

Mad Planet Advertising
Advertising Partner

Mad Planet Advertising is our preferred partner for media buying advertising campaigns. www.madplanetadvertising.com 

The universe is exactly the size that your soul can encompass. Some people live in extremely small worlds, and some live in a world of infinite possibilities.

Kevin Hearne, Author of Hounded.

Some reasons why you should choose to work with us

Reason #1

We listen carefully when you tell us what you want. Our aim is to understand your needs, so we can find the best solution for you.

Reason #2

You get original, bespoke solutions especially created for your individual company.

Reason #3

You’ll benefit from multi-industry ‘fresh eyes’ leading to rapid growth improvements.

Reason #4

You get a trusted team of business owners who have experience in the real world.

Reason #5

Our team is constantly learning and tend to be a naturally curious bunch. We love learning and have become experts in a range of topics.

Reason #6

We enjoy our work! We still do our job with a lot of joy. And that’s why our projects aren’t only a joy for us.

Our client experience




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Golden Retreats


Home Tutor Co.
Kindergarten Kops
First Success


Cheese & Co.
Sailsbury Sails
Renta Suit
Comfort Wear


Brighter Futures
OAPing for good
Bold Foundation

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Our Values

We believe in setting you up for success.

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